Roven Icon Font

We have created Roven Icon Font – a library of 3,800+ beautiful handcrafted icons, with even more on the way. Feel free to download and use this vector icon set for both personal and commercial projects.

  • rif-account-balance-wallet
  • rif-account-balance
  • rif-airplay
  • rif-alarm
  • rif-align-left
  • rif-align-right
  • rif-android-alt
  • rif-android-debug-bridge
  • rif-angle-90
  • rif-announcement
  • rif-api
  • rif-app-blocking
  • rif-app-registration
  • rif-app-settings-alt
  • rif-apple-whole
  • rif-architecture
  • rif-arrow-drop-down-circle
  • rif-arrow-right
  • rif-arrows-maximize
  • rif-assignment
  • rif-atom-simple
  • rif-auto-stories
  • rif-av-timer
  • rif-backpack
  • rif-badge
  • rif-badoo
  • rif-battery-full-alt
  • rif-beenhere
  • rif-behance
  • rif-blanket
  • rif-block-question
  • rif-bluetooth-searching
  • rif-box-taped
  • rif-brackets-square-alt
  • rif-building
  • rif-burger-soda
  • rif-car-side
  • rif-certificate
  • rif-chart-pie
  • rif-cherries
  • rif-clipboard-list-check-flask
  • rif-clock-ten
  • rif-clothes-hanger
  • rif-cloud-hail
  • rif-code-compare
  • rif-date-range-calendar
  • rif-devices
  • rif-dice-d8
  • rif-dna
  • rif-dribble
  • rif-earbuds
  • rif-emergency
  • rif-engine-warning
  • rif-eraser
  • rif-extension
  • rif-face-laugh
  • rif-favorite-heart
  • rif-file-copy
  • rif-film-canister
  • rif-filter-drama
  • rif-fish-fins
  • rif-flag-swallowtail
  • rif-flask-round-poison
  • rif-folder-closed
  • rif-format-list-bulleted
  • rif-fps-60
  • rif-fried-fish
  • rif-glass-water
  • rif-graduation-cap
  • rif-grid-4x4
  • rif-hand-holding-heart
  • rif-hand-love
  • rif-hat-cowboy
  • rif-hive
  • rif-home
  • rif-house-blank
  • rif-hydrocarbon
  • rif-identity-user
  • rif-image-portrait
  • rif-import-contacts-book
  • rif-inbox-out
  • rif-keyboard-hide
  • rif-laptop
  • rif-layer-plus
  • rif-less-than-equal
  • rif-letter-d
  • rif-library-add
  • rif-location-exclamation
  • rif-loop
  • rif-map
  • rif-megaphone
  • rif-menu-book
  • rif-menu-breadcrumbs
  • rif-money-bill-1
  • rif-moon-stars
  • rif-mountain-sun
  • rif-next-plan
  • rif-objects-column
  • rif-offline-bolt
  • rif-ondemand-video

Roven Icons FREE

900+ icons

Roven Icons PRO

3800+ icons

3100+ Beautiful vector icons

Roven Icon Font is a rich collection of beautiful and elegant icons which you can use in your digital projects. It comes with two icon packs, one open source and the premium version. Depending on the package you will choose, the number of the available icons will be different: 900+ icons for the free pack / 3100+ icons for the PRO pack.

Optimized with pixel-perfect detail

All the icons in the library are created on a 24×24 pixel grid. We take grid sizes of icons into account this is why pixel-perfect results with proper alignment are generated. When using this grid, all icons look crisp and sharp at 24px and its multiples. Download and use beautiful graphics on any display (including Retina).

Any format to fit your needs

Icons are available for download in all popular formats: SVG, PNG, PDF, FONT format.  Icons in SVG format can be used both in editing programs and in the HTML code structure where they can be embedded. Get this new set of fantastic icons now! You can also easily change their size, color or add animations.

Fast loading icons

Icon fonts definitely have lightning fast load times, and they are vector graphics — which results in high quality rendering. Use Ico Moon app to create your own and fast loading custom icon font that only contains the icons you would need for your digital project.

CDN for easy implementation

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Create your icon font in seconds

Build custom icon fonts pack with one of the best generators wich is the IcoMoon App. This solution is free to use. The pack will contain only the icons you need for your project, including a demo file for easy access to the font’s unicode values.

Icon font documentation

Learn how to use our icons pack. We cover every aspect of using the icons, either as SVG, icon font or PNG. Examples are described on how to animate, rotate or scale icons. Add the icons to your website, with just a small piece of code.

Premium support

Whether you’re just getting started with Roven Icon Font or need assistance with advanced features, our support team is here for you. Your requests will be processed via email. For additional instructions on using the icon font, don’t forget to read the documentation.

Get more with the PRO plan

Pick the plan that works for your needs

  • Number of icons
  • Icon font woff2
  • SVG icons
  • PNG icons
  • PDF icons
  • CDN
  • Email Support
  • Documentation
  • Personal Use
  • Commercial Use
  • Include in software

Roven Icons

Download FREE
  • Numer of icons: 900+
  • Icon font woff2
  • SVG icons
  • PNG icons
  • PDF icons
  • CDN
  • Email Support
  • Documentation
  • Personal use
  • Commercial use
  • Include in software

Roven Icons Pro
6949$/ year

  • Numer of icons: 3800+
  • Icon font woff2
  • SVG icons
  • PNG icons
  • PDF icons
  • CDN
  • Email Support
  • Documentation
  • Personal use
  • Commercial use
  • Include in software

Roven Icons Agency
12999$/ year

Buy Agency
  • Numer of icons: 3800+
  • Icon font woff2
  • SVG icons
  • PNG icons
  • PDF icons
  • CDN
  • Email Support
  • Documentation
  • Personal use
  • Commercial use
  • Include in software

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Double Guarantee. If you don't like our icon font over the next 14 days, we'll happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

Amazing icons to spice up your designs

3800+ icons, sorted in 90 categories

Roven icons is a high quality, icon library with over 3000+ icons that you can include and use any way you like – PNG / SVG, PNG / SVG SPRITES or Web Icon Fonts – in your projects. Ensuring readability and clarity at both large and small sizes, these icons have been optimized for beautiful display on all common platforms and display resolutions.

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