Get your favourite HTML template set up by the people that built it for only 399$!

We provide Customization services for all of our responsive HTML5 Templates.

Setting up a website with our Customization service is as easy as 1-2-3-4:


Choose the design that is right for you

We have a wide variety of HTML5 Templates that you can choose from.
Take a look at our templates here.

Choose your favourite HTML design, click the Customize this template button, fill out the short form and we’ll get back to you with a free quote.

Note: When you purchase a HTML Customization Service from us you get the Pemium version of the template you choose, for FREE.

Select Template

* If you want us to build a new website for you, see our Custom work service.

Send us your content and website needs

After you filled the customize template form, we will contact you via email and request any details/information that we need to customize your website. We expect to receive an archive with all your text, photos and branding.

We go over all files and specifications you send us, to make sure we really understand your needs and to see if possible improvements can be made. Only once everything is clear we advance to the next step.

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We customize the template to match your brand. 3 days turnover!

Our Customization package includes the following :

  • Change company/website name and add your logo if required
  • Change colors if needed
  • Change navigation buttons/links
  • Change footer with your company/website details
  • Update existing content/images/text
What is included:
  • We insert content up to 1500 words on all pages
  • 20 processed images
  • We can go beyond what the template offers but it may implies additional costs.

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We install your brand new website to a hosting server

Every website needs hosting to work. Installing your brand new website to a hosting server is included in our Customization template service.

If you don’t have a hosting company yet, we reccommend you the same hosting company we use, BlueHost, a fast, reliable hosting with top notch support.

Not only you get hosting from one of the best hosting companies in the world, you also help us to produce more free templates by receiving the affiliate commission.

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